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Principal Investigator:  Dr. Steven Boyd

The Bone Imaging Laboratory at the University of Calgary is an interdisciplinary team of engineers, biomechanists, computer scientists, kinesiologists, clinical scientists and an array of other experts.  The focus of our research group is to investigate adaptation of tissues such as bone and cartilage in joint injuries and diseases. We develop non-invasive, quantitative methodologies that help address our skeletal research, and our focus is often on joint injuries and diseases related to osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Our research is conducted in our pre-clinical facility (Micro-CT Laboratory) and our clinical work is done just down the all at the Bone Imaging Lab. Both facilities are located in the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health at Foothills Hospital campus (University of Calgary), and we are a member of the Image Science Division, Department of Radiology.

Human distal radius (wrist), scanned with the XtremeCT scanner.

A subject's forearm is prepared for scanning by XtremeCT (shown right) to examine bone microstructure of the distal radius (shown above).  

HR-pQCT Scanning with the XtremeCT Scanner
by Com Media, University of Calgary

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